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Mike Hunt30-09-2022 г.
Financial scammer from Austria.
Omiteb bocan29-09-2022 г.
Banking Scammer beware
Omiteb bocan26-09-2022 г.
Another fake bank scam artist. Block n report.
Angie19-09-2022 г.
He recibido mensajes de este numero ofreciendome donarme una cantidad de dinero mi necesidad me dice si.. pero desconfio porbque se que hay muchos casos de extorsion. Sibustedes me pueden decir de donde o de quien viene ese numerl se lls garadecere
Mike Hunt16-09-2022 г.
CALLER 0407428989 AMAZON PRIME SCAMMER from Sector 5 Kolkata India. Using Australia mobile to scam innocent folk. Do not fall for this scam they will ask for your bank account number.
SCARAMANGA16-09-2022 г.
Another Australian scammer engaging in wangiri scam.
mary13-09-2022 г.
me llego un mensaje via whatsaap del gerente general de amazon invitandome a trabajar y generar ingresos por dia exhorbitantes. supongo para robo de informacion a traves de un link
Зима13-09-2022 г.
Kabir Awan13-09-2022 г.
I need information about this number . Who using this number +41 77 945 62 98
John McCane13-09-2022 г.
They request me using whatsapp for transfer money and buy bitcoins for them and they proyect. They said be *Can Yaman*, an actor from Turkeys series. It is a scam and i reported to my national police
Ken Kahn12-09-2022 г.
This idiot claims to be a compensation lawyer running a car insurance scam. Asking for bank account details etc. Fraud.
Salman11-09-2022 г.
I just recived a call from this number
Salahuddin Halal Habibi08-09-2022 г.
This financial Scammer keeps ringing wanting to compare superannuation with cryptocurrency. Total scam and spam.
Мансур05-09-2022 г.
Здравствуйте, этот номер беспокоит меня, я хотел бы знать, кому он принадлежит. Спасибо
hossam ahmed05-09-2022 г.
this number stoled money from me through fodafonecash
R.Safo01-09-2022 г.
Срочно нужно выяснить кто владелец этого номера, он мне звонил в поздной ночи и плохо обязывал меня моей семье. Пожалуйста, помогите узнать данные об этом человеке.
Abu Ben Salaad Turk Faisal31-08-2022 г.
This Filipina woman calls up says there is a sensational RED NOTICE international arrest warrant in my name as I am showing up on their computers as a dr*g trafficking mule. Then she says I owe x amount of federal taxes and CI is coming to arrest me, but they can cancel my arrest if I buy them 30000 dollars in crypto currency gift cards. Jokers of the millennium. Using a fake landline number based in Queensland Australia. I have never been surprised by the abject stupidity of some scammers.
Iancu Octavian30-08-2022 г.
olx bot that messages me on whatsapp
Iancu Octavian30-08-2022 г.
ist a bot for olx
Klaus Annal Schwab 30-08-2022 г.
Financial scammer from Perth Australia. They are using crypto currency wallets to steal peoples superannuation funds.
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