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Gnesta Gayndah Cochon02-08-2021 г.
This investment scammer from Gnesta in Sweden is doing the rounds. He sounded like Apu on steroids. Just laugh n hang up
Samuel28-07-2021 г.
I received incoming call from that number, and I want to know who that guy is.
CEM28-07-2021 г.
Offer Up Scamer, attempted to get me to click on a code, allegedly to verify my identity, and that I was not fake. Reported to Offer Up, but offer up seems not to care about their reputation and keeps giving scamers profile without verifying their identity.
Loli28-07-2021 г.
This is a very bad person with threats. Write down its details. He writes to me from different numbers.
Loli28-07-2021 г.
This number threatens me and my family. Please give the details of this number.
aizatul from Malaysia26-07-2021 г.
I need to know are he still alive, he got Cancer and get treatment at Jalandhar, India. At 2020 July or August is my last call after his first operation. Until now I lost touch any news about him and his son there.
Dayana 24-07-2021 г.
Quiero reportar y avisar que el número +591 77495504 +591 69525375 Ambos números son estafadores
Dayana 24-07-2021 г.
Quiero reportar y avisar que el número +591 77495504 +591 69525375 Ambos números son estafadores
Dayana 24-07-2021 г.
Este número es un estafador maneja su línea para estafar
Tom23-07-2021 г.
Who is the owner of this number*23675176024
Muxabbat22-07-2021 г.
Обещал сделать мебель, и украл почти 1000$ не берёт трубку
Anon21-07-2021 г.
Scammer, said he works for an insurance company. Tried to get me to send him a photo of my drivers licence
Ahmed shahid18-07-2021 г.
I need this number viber opan
Shima16-07-2021 г.
Can i know who owner of this telephone number. It is very important..
abusinve indian scammer
Nillar 14-07-2021 г.
Scammed please block
Eddy Enrique Barahona Mondragon12-07-2021 г.
El número 50230313354 en un número de servicio por medio de tarjeta prepago y pertenece actualmente a un Taller de Refrigeración en Ciudad Guatemala Guatemala.
DSP customer 09-07-2021 г.
Scam phone call, claiming to be from DSP (Department of Social Protection). An automated message.
Jean Pierre 08-07-2021 г.
Hello, I just wanted to know who is this contact registered on.
Sam06-07-2021 г.
+96550801039 scam caller, huawei mobile service, stc kw registration call scam.
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