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Matuskiewicz07-04-2020 г.
wer weiß wem diese nummer gehöhrt??
Emmanuel Wakalanga07-04-2020 г.
This number called me yesterday at 8:pm from belgium +32468826984 would love to know who exactly called please
Sar06-04-2020 г.
Estafador sentimental
Omar05-04-2020 г.
Quiero saber cual es el nombre de este sujeto, que son estafadores
Leonid05-04-2020 г.
This number sent me nudes of kids and that is disgusting and illegal
زيد قدار05-04-2020 г.
أتصل بي عدة مرات ولم أعرف من هو، أريد معرفة تفاصيل صاحب الرقم
davit04-04-2020 г.
scammers , called me to buy my property, requested pictures of card from both sides. clear scammers, woman, located in kazakhstan
انمر04-04-2020 г.
اريد اعرف صاحب هاذا الرقم +9647817344856
Ouacef04-04-2020 г.
This number calling me and I do not know who is it. I leave in Tunisia so I do not know anyone in Belgium.
Ehsan04-04-2020 г.
This number is registered with an Whatsapp account and continuously irritating me. Can you please give me the detais
Anonimous04-04-2020 г.
Scam, ID stealing
Radzi ismail03-04-2020 г.
I want to know the identity of the caller c/w their running businesses
melissa02-04-2020 г.
me gustaria saber quien es el dueño de este numero telefonico
li hao02-04-2020 г.
is the telephone number from neuroline logistics co.,ltd? please help me
Maria Hernandez02-04-2020 г.
me esta acosando y amenazando necesito saber quien es para denunciarlo a las autoridades correspondientes necesito ayuda
Tina02-04-2020 г.
This person was constantly messaging me before, tried to fool me promising to make a good relationship with me. Ended up scamming and blocking me.
Gabriel Saavedra01-04-2020 г.
Fui estafado por el dueño de este numero de telefono, favor ayuda para poder contactarlo!
CALEB01-04-2020 г.
Cyber Security expert, Network Admin
Who is the owner of this number pls01-04-2020 г.
Who is the owner of this number
Blu Dash01-04-2020 г.
I need to know who is this person.
j.h31-03-2020 г.
I want to know how is Calling me from this number :) is it a callcentre or?
Black-NET31-03-2020 г.
Your cryptocurrency fraud is illegal!
carlo31-03-2020 г.
Good evening, the number 21699209953 calls me and then closes. I see tunisia written on the phone. Why does this number keep calling me? Thanks Carlo
natalia31-03-2020 г.
Weird calls from this number!
Blud1330-03-2020 г.
Можно узнать кому пренадлежит номер фио
Николая 30-03-2020 г.
I want to know how is Calling me from this number :) is it a callcentre or?
patrik30-03-2020 г.
Volala mi s kámoškam. Je na ně podáno trestní oznámení za stalking. A jako krávy se tomu ještě smály
Mizuu30-03-2020 г.
0176574303 I want to know who is this phone number ?
qwerts30-03-2020 г.
Financial fraudster, liar
ADEMO Edward 29-03-2020 г.
I need the address of the owner of this phone number
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