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Feritiva de acest numar. Este un sarlatan 04-07-2020 г.
Feriti-va de acest numar. Este un sarlatan
luc03-07-2020 г.
Fraud. thief . he took my money and did not ship nothing
mary joy bituin vargas03-07-2020 г.
name the owner of mobile number
Alex03-07-2020 г.
A registered s*x offender
Nasrshiha01-07-2020 г.
0096560767765 هذا الرقم يتطفل علينا
Axel01-07-2020 г.
Annoying call cener
Offroad30-06-2020 г.
Who is that calling me everyday?
Justice30-06-2020 г.
copil handicapat care face farse la telefon
Janusz30-06-2020 г.
Jacyś złodzieje
Mohammed 29-06-2020 г.
I received many calls from this number I need to know who is this phone number for 967738620771
Paul29-06-2020 г.
This is harassing me i want to know who’s the owner of this Sim
Slavik29-06-2020 г.
dangerous call
konstantinos29-06-2020 г.
Anthony Onyilo29-06-2020 г.
Hello the person claim to be a friend of my who currently in Dubai. He claimed this number is registered with his passport. I need his full name
Who is using this number29-06-2020 г.
I just want to know who is the owner of this number.
Robert Swanson29-06-2020 г.
beware of this guy ............ he is a wanted internet scammer and is constantly changing his phone number, belonging to a well organized NIGERIAN internet scammer gang .........
Robert Swanson29-06-2020 г.
beware of this guy ............ he is a wanted internet scammer and is constantly changing his phone number
Cicero28-06-2020 г.
Me ligaram com o nome moham natikar pegaram Fotos íntimas minha Querendo me extorquir Ameaçando mostra pra família.
خالد محمد28-06-2020 г.
اريد معرفة صاحب هذا الرقم لانه ازعجني
Yisela isaza27-06-2020 г.
Este numero ha estafado varias personas vendiendo cuentas de netflix que al uno pagar nunca recibe, lo llamo y le dejo mensajes pero nunca contesta.
Marianne Monthell27-06-2020 г.
The owner of phone number +233203643287 is a scammer try get money from older women
Jezreel27-06-2020 г.
Este numero esta acosando y estorcionando pidiendo dinero a las mujeres. Porfavir hacer algo al respecto.
Mike Hajnal26-06-2020 г.
Caller claimed to be the legal department of Service Canada with a accusation of fraud on my part. I told the man with a strong east indian accent that Service Canada does not call people and to stop scamming people and get a real job.
Alessandra Della Ghezza26-06-2020 г.
vorrei sapere a chi appartiene questo numero grazie
Areeb26-06-2020 г.
Need to speak to the owner of this phone old WhatsApp with 500k messages is connected on this number and has important messages like my relatives medications and my account details in the messages.
Sawalha26-06-2020 г.
Nigerian scammer who harasses young ladies
Ilene Olivier26-06-2020 г.
I want to know the name of the person. I think he is a scammer
John26-06-2020 г.
Sends Fake Rabo Bank Card Renewal Reminders and a Link to a Bad URL
Jim25-06-2020 г.
Scammers using fear tactics. There should be a government agency where we can report this and is devoted to catching these terrible people.
james25-06-2020 г.
This person tried to call me, but my phone was off actually. I tried to add the number into my contact list to check his whatsapp account, and only a pic of a hotel (?) room close to water appears! It let no message on my box... Weird!
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