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Boniface20-10-2017 г.
Help me for open my whatsapp messenger,my account is
Margarida Isabel Da Silva20-10-2017 г.
Bom dia. Você precisa de financiamento urgente? Me deparei com uma mulher normed Sra Margarida Isabel Da Silva Ela concedeu um empréstimo de 10.000 francos e eu falei com vários colegas que também receberam empréstimos com esta senhora, sem preocupações Especialmente para mim, eu recebi o meu pedido de crédito por transferência bancária dentro de 24 horas sem protocolo e estou completamente satisfeito.Isto já não é um problema apenas contacta Ms.Margarida Isabel Da Silva para ver o seu empréstimo de aqueles quem são também em o precisar. para o contato aqui é são endereço
Ali imaran20-10-2017 г.
Receiving continuous calls from this number and no one speaks after wards.
Hey19-10-2017 г.
you cannot get away from social messaging apps
Chee kok wei19-10-2017 г.
May I know the status of this phone number still active or not?
Raheel rajput19-10-2017 г.
He is a thief
Ana Maria19-10-2017 г.
Va rog am primit un apel de la acest număr susținând că mă cheamă la muncă. Numărul este asa 46727880167
Ooi18-10-2017 г.
Can track who is this at night.
guruprasad18-10-2017 г.
+447733189894 is this a true number and who is holding this number.
Mamoon Alam18-10-2017 г.
pleace give me information of this number. thankyo! please reply fast.
bad naran18-10-2017 г.
i need info would you send me info
Andrew17-10-2017 г.
fate attenzione a questo numero, insulta pesantemente le persone ed invia virus via chat whatsapp
Eris minja17-10-2017 г.
Can I please have information about this number. I got a missed call but I don’t know who is?tel:+40754370173
zinhle17-10-2017 г.
Can i have an information about this number 21622140703 please
Jack17-10-2017 г.
Hi, Does anybody knows which number is this? I received this number and few times shows me "Caller with no ID " ?? This is the number: +60126936020 Thanks ‭
Dr. Joseph Okwu Nnanna16-10-2017 г.
Greetings, Your fund has been approved for payment. Call or email for details. +2347081630355 or Dr. Joseph Okwu
Mathew Kurisummoottil16-10-2017 г.
I received a missed call from this number to Chicago, during the early morning at 4.30 am
zinhle16-10-2017 г.
There is a number that called me claiming i had to pay an amount of R3180 cz l was supposed to recieve a package frm abroad then after he also asked for R12500 bcs he said the moment they were scanning the package they found that there was a huge amount of foreign currency inside then he told me the package hv been taken to OR Tambo then after that he asked for R4600 for the missing insurance copy his name is Lewis please help me trace this number 0218116676
Jae16-10-2017 г.
Please try to find this person the owner of this number.(0554361377) His name is RUDY CASTRO he currently lives in dubai. Please help me to find him. He is a estapador/bugos illegal recruiter. If you guys find her please report to the nearest police station.. thank you in advance. Be careful to this guy..
ZANDI WLADIMIR16-10-2017 г.
Hello Mister/Madam Our objective is to accelerate the rhythm of reduction of poverty in the world. We offer ready of 2000 $ with 500,000 $ for the people who can refund it thanks to a rate of 2% of interest with the greatest speed and reliability. You secure your loan in the 48 hours following your request and without protocols.They offer the loan everywhere in the world. If you are really interested by our offer and you are in the need for a loan try to contact us for more information. Contact the email: Whatsapp : +33 7 84 45 98 56
Lina Lamona16-10-2017 г.
Please my phone was lost inside our cathedral at Mulivai after 4.00pm Mass on Sunday 15 October 2017. I do really need it please.
Annie16-10-2017 г.
Hi. I would like know who is using this numer phone. Thank you so much.
Younes15-10-2017 г.
Würde von dieser Nummer angerufen ist sie echt oder ein Betrug bitte schnellst möglich antworten
Fawri Bank15-10-2017 г.
تم إرسال 40 الف ريال ارجو منكم استلام رقم الحواله من المرسل ثم زيارة الصراف لإستلام المبلغ
blanca marlen george quintanilla15-10-2017 г.
Nesecito un msj q cayo a ese numero es que necesito recuperar mi cuenta de facebook que me hackiaron porfabor
Jethro Fajardo14-10-2017 г.
This number called me claiming to be in an agency that facilitates migration to Canada. But he was initially asking for 6,800Saudi riyals before the process could start. Pls help me catch this fraudster.
Km14-10-2017 г.
I got phone call from this number 13 of October 11 at night Greece. Who is plese
R.Shahid14-10-2017 г.
Want to confirm the owner name/Address to avoid misunderstanding
Ashley14-10-2017 г.
Received a call from this french number. I have no idea who it could be... anyone?
donation1153@gmail.com13-10-2017 г.
- Moje ime je g. Luke Brain. Gospa Pam Leslie Horton vam je donirala 4,9 milijona dolarjev. Za nadaljnje podrobnosti se obrnite na to (e-mail) na naslov: S spoštovanjem, G. Luke Brain
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