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Vicky22-02-2017 г.
請問 06593389082是公司電話號碼嗎?還是個人電話號碼?
Cheene Malijan22-02-2017 г.
Good morning Sir, This is Cheene, Sales and Marketing executive of INOAC Philippines. Here is another mobile number of Mam Aurora since she cannot get connected with the last number I gave you. +63 9156180135
Juanito 22-02-2017 г.
Recibí un mensaje extraño de este teléfono pidiendo mi número de celular, alerta.
hacker21-02-2017 г.
you are wanted to Interpol please viset us
zas21-02-2017 г.
Getting messages from this number. Could you please tell me who this number belongs to?
Ahmed Saeed Elsayed21-02-2017 г.
This is my number
Angry21-02-2017 г.
Received a link from this number. Deleted, blocked and reported.
Alex21-02-2017 г.
Would you tell me the owner name of the phone number?
che21-02-2017 г.
Someone calls me using this number.i think its a scammer
andrey21-02-2017 г.
Hi, I found missed call from that number on my phone. Would like to know about an owner.
andrey21-02-2017 г.
Helo, got Your call missed. Any information?
NOUREDDINE21-02-2017 г.
Hello I received a beep of this number I can know why?
Mark David21-02-2017 г.
Dr.Darren Marcus Director of foreign Operations
Glen Fewings20-02-2017 г.
Hi. I received a phonecall on Friday from this number whilst I was in the car re a proposal for a debottlenecking study of Coal Prep Plants. Could you drop me an email, or call my mobile again on 0437 574087 Thanks, Glen
CID20-02-2017 г.
Stop calling on unknown local numbers. You are being warned!
CID20-02-2017 г.
You have been reported by a local MTN number for abuse and fraud. You will be track soon.
Kishore 20-02-2017 г.
Want to know about the owner details
Tracey20-02-2017 г.
Received a harassing phone call from this number at 10:30 PM
Yasar20-02-2017 г.
come to me for chat with skype baby...
Samira Maatallah20-02-2017 г.
I received a call from you but I did not quite understand the lady who call me
Renata20-02-2017 г.
Prosze o podanie czyj to jesy numer, na kogo zarejestrowany
Rene Veski20-02-2017 г.
Hello! I´m getting many calls every day from this number.Can yo send information about owner?
Milindkumar 20-02-2017 г.
I had missed call from this number at 02:45 am (India)RATNAGIRI, MAHARASHTRA INDIA
Nikos20-02-2017 г.
you sent a message to my cell ?
khalil20-02-2017 г.
this phone number is a spam, for a thief, someone called sherif. he called me to lebanon, and stole from me an amount of money
jhon20-02-2017 г.
Its disturbing me since 2 weeks...
Anonymous19-02-2017 г.
Me llegó un SMS extraño desde este teléfono. Quisiera saber quién lo mandó antes de llamar.
Brekau19-02-2017 г.
Unter dieser Nummer ist ein Betrüger. Dieser ruft Leute an, und gibt an das man ihm die Nummer gab, wobei zb die Nummer meiner Freundin, nur ich habe. Seit vorsichtig!!
Brekau19-02-2017 г.
Ein Betrüger hat diese nummer, dieser belästigt leute oder verursacht Rechnungen!
Ajit Kumar19-02-2017 г.
Sir/Madam, A gal is talking to me since some time but suspiciously she disconnected me over fb... plzzz let me know the details is she genuine one or not as she told her name is Debby Johnson. its a case of love.
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