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1. Jules vd Berg02-06-2017 г.
scammer, je gaat het bezuren
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Recent comments on other numbers:

Y2Lee29-11-2018 г.
Is this phone number correct? Commercial Bank International Mankhool Street,Bur Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates.
Melanie Ferstung10-09-2017 г.
Awesome, cheating. Night atrocities.
Mathieu VIBERT23-02-2018 г.
I received 2 phone calls this day from this number and the number 212671580141 with only the beginning of the ring tone. And, in this case, with no voice mail or text left from this number, I I presume this is a wrong number
Martin31-05-2019 г.
Who is the owner of this phone number. I receiving text messages
гуля18-03-2019 г.
мне звонят, когда я звоню,номер не зарегистрирован
ngui ino08-02-2017 г.
kwani hauna trucaller ama mpesa? tuma na ukaje b4 ifike makede hii. kama hayuko mbecha, huyo ni mkora
DAN01-11-2016 г.
Got a text then a hang up call from this number after i tried to call it back, i called again & it hung up straight away , i called again & it rang out
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