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Lauro marroquin24-05-2019 г.
Quien posee este numero y si sigue aun activo o no activo
Beep24-05-2019 г.
Αισθησιακή φωνή με καλεί από έναν μακρινό πλανήτξ ηλ δσσ
Abdul Razzaque24-05-2019 г.
Who owns this number?
Esther23-05-2019 г.
This number calls often. Man says scary things to me. When I tell him to shut up he laughs. Next time I break his ear with the whistle
Andy23-05-2019 г.
Who owns this number?
Mea22-05-2019 г.
She is bothered me Rude
Amie Da22-05-2019 г.
From a postman courier svs asking my details. At last my items status was delivered but not received.
Charles Smith22-05-2019 г.
keep calling me all hours of the night....STOP CALLING ME
joergen Nielsen21-05-2019 г.
who owns this number?
gretchen toshach21-05-2019 г.
Rings my phone with loud long ring and when answered wants me to OK my answering questions. When I said no he demanded again and would not tell me anything about who and why the call. I hung up and this is the third call in 24 hrs
Hahaha21-05-2019 г.
Called for 2 seconds, after all calls cancelled and if it respond, no answer.
Zen21-05-2019 г.
has done short call when I called back nobody answer
TD21-05-2019 г.
Scammer trying to rent fake apartments via airbnb long term rental. Pretends to work on an oil rig. Goes by the name of Brett Geoffrey or Dr. Jennifer R. Wood. Similar scam from another UK number 44 (0) 7721446073
TD21-05-2019 г.
This person, going by the name of Brett Geoffrey, is trying to scam ppl by selling/renting fake apartment via a long term airbnb contract. He/she pretends to go on an oil rig. Similar scam was reported for another UK phone number. He didnt bother changing the name and number on the renting agreement which made me find the other scam scheme.
احمد20-05-2019 г.
اريد معلمات حول صاحب هاذا الرقم ان امكن اسمه وباقي المعلومات
LIDERVAL20-05-2019 г.
Este telefone telefonou pra mim me fazendo varias perguntas e a pessoa esteve lá em casa me procurando eu e minha filha estou assustado com isso, peço por favor um a resposta não conheço nem a pessoa nem este número de telefone
Sangary20-05-2019 г.
i got called from this number.he used to talk bad words to me. may i know whose number this?
Selena20-05-2019 г.
This person kept calling even at 1115pm so i call number back and what ever it was they were playing p*rn or having s*x
ibrahim ünlü19-05-2019 г.
numaranın sahibi lazım..
عبدالرحمن 19-05-2019 г.
هذا شخص يزعجني ماعروف منو رجاع تصرفه مع مع ذكر صاحب الرقام
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