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Mary19-09-2017 г.
this caller seems to be a spammer victim beware
Ivo19-09-2017 г.
If the long form of SUA is Sokoine university of agriculture I can help you coz I took my studies there in Tanzania
chatar singh19-09-2017 г.
please check this number are used the right person of ECOWAS chairman or other please
Sharifah Zainab Bt Wan Yusop19-09-2017 г.
Please help me to track my aunt, she last contacted me with this number.
Gustavo Cóndor 18-09-2017 г.
Deseo saber el titular de esta línea ya que estoy recibiendo acoso de llamadas y wassao
Anjhana18-09-2017 г.
Scamming people for MONEY. Money gained by cheating others will soon be gone. Money earned through hard work will grow and grow.
Ronald18-09-2017 г.
Hi there, I found your Iphone in a taxi yesterday evening.
INTERPOL18-09-2017 г.
Stop calling! Turkish and Grek police will research you. This is the first warning!
Angie recabar18-09-2017 г.
Just want to know if this number belong to someone named Lewis Thank you
faye18-09-2017 г.
the person who owns this number is a scammer
Pramod 17-09-2017 г.
This number is used to fake WhatsApp number and very badly behavior and bad word used adult and porn images send to all number and group to add number send all account images badly and dirty images please help this number and gay very bad
Neeketa17-09-2017 г.
Whose mobile number is this Just need name and postal address Thank you
sagaya mary17-09-2017 г.
+447895606678, this number belongs to Dr. Romulu Naveen Michael. He is dentist, he is not picking up the call, i only know he lives in Abdereen Scotland, I am from India, i am much worried, I want to know whether he is safe and healthy. if any info about him, get in touch me or 9618228422
helen17-09-2017 г.
pls bock this number,its calling me every time..and when i answer the call it hang up....pls block this number..
Sagaya mary17-09-2017 г.
I am mary. The above number +447895606678 belongs to Dr. ROMULU Naveen Michael. He is dentist. He is not picking the call. I am much worried. I dont have other details. I am from India. If any information about him get back to me mary at or 9618228422
Adelaja Omotayo Olalekan17-09-2017 г.
Notify me on any suspicious activity on my number
Eva16-09-2017 г.
Pod tym numerem podszywa się człowiek z nie swoją fotografią. Twierdzi ze nazywa się tom bauer. Gdy to rozszyfrowalam to mnie zablokował.
Rodney 16-09-2017 г.
Please i received a message that i have won Iphone7 they gave me this contact tel:+995592814841, how can i get reach to them and please if you see it, can you please call or text me via whatsapp
rj16-09-2017 г.
Please ban this number he calling my wife this owner he trying cheating me to broke my family. he owner i kwon hes from phillipines
Ali Mohamed Dmerdash16-09-2017 г.
He is my brother, work in SUA for 3 years and he had hidden from 13 septmber to now and nobody know where he is and his phone is closed for 4 dasy from now so we need to call him really to sure that he is okaay...thanks
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